JULY 7, 2012

Hanover, PA - Ryan Greth did a donut in the infield to celebrate his win in the 30-lap 600cc Micro Sprint feature for the finale of “Speedweek” at Trail-Way Speedway.

“All these guys that throw in all the money to make this week possible, I can’t thank them enough.” explained Greth in victory lane. Greth drove his NPS Racing Engines sponsored #1J to victory twice in the PA 600 Speedweek series.

Greth started on the pole after accumulating the most passing points (204 points) in the double heat format of qualifying. The rest of the field was lined up heads-up for the number of passing points earned.

Greth grabbed the lead on the start and faced challenges over the first 26 laps from third starting Brock Zearfoss. Greth met lapped traffic on lap 15 and kept at least one lapped car between him and Zearfoss for the next six laps.

On lap 27, the caution flag flew and Zearfoss dove to the infield with car troubles. This put eighth-starting Shane Lewis, and Speedweek point leader coming into the event, on Greth’s rear bumper for the final three laps.

Tyler Walton, Jimmy Brookens, and Tanner Hunsicker completed the top five. Sixth through tenth were Joe Miller, Mike Dicely, Todd Hoover, JD Harman, and Mike Rutherford.

Donahue Motorsports gave out a hard charger award to Charlie Brown (who started 21st and finished 14th). Brown, who flew to the east coast fromAustralia to race in Speedweek, qualified only after winning the B Main and raced his way to claim the hard charger award.

After Speedweek points were calculated, Shane Lewis came out the 2012 PA 600 Speedweek Champion. “We were in the top five all week. We have always run well [at Trail-Way]. I just like running here.” explained Lewis in the post race interview.

Lewis was the points leader by one point over Mike Dicely when the final race began. Lewis’ second place finish secured his championship, but Lewis was worried before the feature began.

“When I spun in the heat race, I thought it was game over” said Lewis of his hopes of claiming the Speedweek title. But in the end, Lewis claimed the title and Dicely finished second in the standings.

Dicely noted, “My worst finish was tonight in seventh. Other than that we were in the top four all week.”

(Story by: Trail-way Speedway)



7/7/12 TRAIL-WAY SPEEDWAY - (Car Count: 35)

-Main (30
1. 1J-Ryan Greth (
; 2. 55L-Shane Lewis; 3. 14T-Tyler Walton; 4. 11-Jimmy Brookens; 5. 29-Tanner Hunsicker; 6. 51B-Joe Miller; 7. 44-Mike Dicely; 8. 19-ToddHoover; 9. 12-JD Harman; 10. 7H-Mike Rutherford; 11. 13-Bo Gordon; 12. 17-Brad Weber; 13. 17D-David Holbrook; 14. Q1-Charlie Brown; 15. 07-Travis Scott; 16. 55-Samuel Lamothe; 17. 58-Josh Mehring; 18. 45X-Kenny Brewer; 19. 12K-Joe Key; 20. 2-Heath Hehnly(DNF); 21. 51-Kevin Steele(DNF); 22. 70-Brock Zearfoss(DNF); 23. 880-Kameron Morral(DNF); 24. 951-Jim Radney(DNF). No Time. Lap Leaders- Ryan Greth (1-30).

B-Main (15 Laps) 1. Q1-Charlie Brown; 2. 07-Travis Scott; 3. 45X-Kenny Brewer; 4. 58-Josh Mehring; 5. 30-Jared Esh; 6. 81-TylerWalker; 7. 18-Luke Thomas; 8. 77-Larry Thompson; 9. 29X-Bill Jackson; 10. 4C-Cheyenne Topper; 11. 01W-Danny Wykes; 12. 10-Jeremy Glass; 13. 6H-Ryan Hook; 14. 21H-Jered Hook(DNF); DNS: 82-Josh Martin. Time 6:19.79.

Heat 1 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. 1J-Ryan Greth; 2. 13-Bo Gordon; 3. 11-Jimmy Brookens; 4. 30-Jared Esh; 5. 2-Heath Hehnly; 6. 77-Larry Thompson; 7. 12-JD Harman; 8. 10-Jeremy Glass; 9. 6H-Ryan Hook. Time 2:35.53.

Heat 2 (10 Laps/Passing Points)1. 29-Tanner Hunsicker; 2. 17D-David Holbrook; 3. 58-Josh Mehring; 4. 44-Mike Dicely; 5. Q1-Charlie Brown; 6. 55L-Shane Lewis; 7. 55-Samuel Lamothe; 8. 45X-Kenny Brewer; 9. 01W-Danny Wykes. No Time.

Heat 3 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. 51-Kevin Steele; 2. 21H-Jered Hook; 3. 951-Jim Radney; 4. 51B-Joe Miller; 5. 4C-Cheyenne Topper; 6. 880-Kameron Morral; 7. 12K-Joe Key; 8. 81-TylerWalker; 9. 18-Luke Thomas(DNF). No Time.

Heat 4 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. 19-ToddHoover; 2. 70-Brock Zearfoss; 3. 07-Travis Scott; 4. 7H-Mike Rutherford; 5. 14T-Tyler Walton; 6. 17-Brad Weber; 7. 29X-Bill Jackson; 8. 82-Josh Martin. Time 2:38.94.

Heat 5 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. 12-JD Harman; 2. 11-Jimmy Brookens; 3. 2-Heath Hehnly; 4. 1J-Ryan Greth; 5. 10-Jeremy Glass; 6. 13-Bo Gordon; 7. 77-Larry Thompson; 8. 6H-Ryan Hook; 9. 30-Jared Esh. Time 2:39.78.

Heat 6 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. 55L-Shane Lewis; 2. 55-Samuel Lamothe; 3. 45X-Kenny Brewer; 4. 44-Mike Dicely; 5. Q1-Charlie Brown; 6. 29-Tanner Hunsicker; 7. 17D-David Holbrook; 8. 01W-Danny Wykes; 9. 58-Josh Mehring. Time 2:36.22.

Heat 7 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. 12K-Joe Key; 2. 51B-Joe Miller; 3. 880-Kameron Morral; 4. 18-Luke Thomas; 5. 81-TylerWalker; 6. 951-Jim Radney; 7. 51-Kevin Steele; 8. 4C-Cheyene Topper; 9. 21H-Jered Hood. Time 2:40.53.

Heat 8 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. 14T-Tyler Walton; 2. 17-Brad Weber; 3. 70-Brock Zearfoss; 4. 7H-Mike Rutherford; 5. 19-ToddHoover; 6. 29X-Bill Jackson; 7. 07-Travis Scott; DNS: 82-Josh Martin. Time 2:40.85.

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  JULY 6, 2012

Jonestown, PA - Tyler Walton of Mifflintown, PA makes it two years in a row by winning Race #5 at Linda's Speedway. A 50 car field battled to earn a position in the A-main. After 2 rounds of 5 qualifing heat races, Walton had the third most passing points behind Jimmy Brookens and Brock Zearfoss. In the A-main Walton quickly took over the runner up spot and by lap 13 took the lead away from Zearfoss in lap traffic. By the 20 lap mark, Walton gained breathing room in lap traffic and held on the last 10 laps to take the win. Brock Zearfoss, Mike Dicely, Shane Lewis and Ryan Greth rounded out the top five. Joe B. Miller, Jimmy Brookens, Richie Hartman, Eric Bodine and Mike Rutherford finished 6th through 10th.

(Story by: PA 600 Speedweek)


7/6/12 LINDA'S SPEEDWAY - (Car Count: 50)

A-Main (30
1. 14t-Tyler Walton (
; 2. 70 Brock Zearfoss; 3. 44 Mike Dicely; 4. 55l Shane Lewis; 5. 1j Ryan Greth; 6. 51b Joe B Miller; 7. 11 Jimmy Brookens; 8. 2x Richie Hartman; 9. 99 Eric Bodine; 10. 7h Mike Rutherford; 11. 71 Brian Carber; 12. 29 Luke Thomas; 13. 45h Jeff Halligan; 14. 74 Dwayne Gutshall; 15. 29c Tanner Hunsicker; 16. 2 Heath Hehnly; 17. Q1 Charlie Brown; 18. 11x Dan Souder; 19. 18 Tyler Ross; 20. 5 Tom Kohler; 21. 5d Tony Dimattia; 22. 81 Tyler Walker; 23. 61 Cody Dalrymple; 24. 51 Kevin Steele; 25. 27 Pat Bealer

B-Main: Bealer, Ross, Walker, Dimattia, Sechrist, Morris, Brandel, Kemery, Iulg, Radney, Kohler, Lick, P Michael, Kay, Perone, LaMothe, Stelter, Panczner, Brewer, Butler, Esh, Ely, Whary, Stevens

C-Main: Lamothe, Brewer, Perone, Ely, Esh, Stelter, A Michael, J Dalrymple, Beidel, Walters, Wykes, R Lewis

Heat 1: Greg stevens, Tanner Hunsicker, Heath Hehnly, Richie Hartman, Rick Perone, Luke Thomas, Kyle Lick, Steve Whary, Tyler Walker, Josh Dalrymple
Heat 2: Ryan Greth, Pat Bealer, Tyler Ross, Joe B Miller, Mike Dicely, Devin Beidel, Dwayne Gutshall, Danny Wykes, Chris Panczer, Jeff Stelter
Heat 3: Eric Bodine, Jimmy Brookens, Cody Dalrymple, Jeff Halligan, Shane Lewis, Kenny Brewer, Mike Rutherford, Tom Kohler, Kris Walters, Ron Lewis
Heat 4: Tyler Walton, Steve Kemery, Bobby Butler, Brian Carber, Peter Michael, Charlie Brown, Dan Souder, Sam LaMothe, Jim Radney, Aj Michael
Heat 5: Brock Zearfoss, Joe Kay, Jason Sechrist, Shaun Brandel, James Morris, Kevin Steele, Austin Ely, Tony Dimattia, Jared Esh, Tim Iulg

Heat 6: Walker, Thomas, Hartman, Whary, Lick, Hehnly, Hunsicker, J Dalrymple, Perone, Stevens
Heat 7: Dicely, Gutshall, Miller, Pancnzer, Greth, Stelter , Ross, Bealer, Wykes, Biedel
Heat 8: Rutherford, Lewis, Brookens, Kohler, Halligan, C Dalrymple, Bodine, Brewer, Walters, R Lewis
Heat 9: Souder, Radney, Brown, Walton, Carber, LaMothe, Aj Michael, P Michael, Kemery, Butler
Heat 10: Iulg, Dimattia, Steele, Zearfoss, Esh, Morris, Brandel, Sechrist, Ely, Kay

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  JULY 4, 2012

Mackeyville, PA - Shane Lewis of Honey Brook, PA made all the right moves and was stout all night at Clinton County Speedway. A total of 28 car filled the pits for Race #4 and PA 600 Speedweek's first race ever at the Mackeyville oval. After 2 rounds of 3 qualifing heat races, Lewis gained the most passing points and earned the top spot in the A-main. From the drop of the green it was Lewis, Walton and Zearfoss battling. By the halfway point, Lewis still had the lead, but Zearfoss moved into second was was looking for the lead. By lap 20, in lap traffic Lewis and Zearfoss traded slide jobs while swapped positions multiple times. With 2 laps to go on a caution restart, Lewis would pull away and make history as the first Speedweek winner at Clinton County. Brock Zearfoss, Tyler Walton, Mike Dicely, and Ryan Greth rounded out the top five. Charlie Brown, Richie Hartman, Joe B. Miller, Mike Rutherford and Darryl Ruggles finished 6th through 10th.

(Story by: PA 600 Speedweek)


7/4/12 CLINTON COUNTY SPEEDWAY - (Car Count: 28)

A-Main (30
1. 55L-Shane Lewis (
; 2. Brock Zearfoss, 3. Tyler Walton, 4. Mike Dicely, 5. Ryan Greth, 6. Charlie Brown, 7. Richie Hartman, 8. Joe B. Miller, 9. Mike Rutherford, 10. Darryl Ruggles, 11. Tanner Hunsicker, 12. Tony Dimattia, 13. Jared Esh, 14. Kevin Steele, 15. Tyler Walker, 16. Kenny Brewer, 17. Kris Walters, 18. Geoff Gill, 19. Timmy Barrick, 20. Sierra Weaver, 21. Jason Sechrist, 22. Jim Radney, 23. Shawn Lawton, 24. Shannon Fisher

B-main Winner: - Jim Randey

Round 1 Heat Winners: - Shane Lewis, Tyler Walton, Mike Dicely
Round 2 Heat Winners: - Timmy Barrick, Shane Lewis, Brock Zearfoss

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JULY 2, 2012

Spring Run, PA - The boss and one of his employees started side by side on the front row for Monday night's PA 600 Speedweek A-Main at Path Valley Raceway Park. In the end, it was the boss who emerged victorious, as Mike Dicely of Lewisberry, PA dominated the 30-lap feature race.

Dicely and one of his Hyper Racing employees, Ryan Greth, earned the most points in two rounds of heat race qualifying action, thereby earning the first two starting spots for the main event.

Greth was coming off a huge, $10,000 triumph the night before at Lanco's Micromania, and his confidence was soaring. But his daytime boss was definitely in charge at Path Valley, as Dicely jumped into the lead when the green flag waved and was never headed.

"I knew, with my Yamaha, that I could get the jump on him (Greth) at the start," said Dicely afterward.

The red flag was displayed after two circuits were scored when Jared Esh caught the wall at the exit of turn two and flipped wildly down the backchute.
Greth stayed close in the early laps, but a broken steering shaft sent his No. 1J into the backstretch wall with eight laps complete.

By the halfway point, Oklahoma's Scott Sawyer moved into the top five from ninth, and Brock Zearfoss weaved his way from 13th on the starting grid to run seventh. But Dicely was the focal point of this race, the third event of the 2012 PA 600 Speedweek Series.

"My car was awesome in open air, but it got really tight in lapped traffic. I had to make several adjustments inside the car, and they helped me to get through that traffic," explained the victor.

Shane Lewis and Australia's Charlie Brown tried to run down the leader during the second half of the 30-lapper, but Dicely had more than enough to win by a comfortable margin.

His victory, along with the runner-up finish posted by Lewis, enabled Dicely to take a one point lead over the Honeybrook driver in the Speedweek standings. It was also Dicely's fifth career Speedweek triumph and first in two years. His five Speedweek victories puts the Micro-Sprint veteran at the top of that category.

Brown's third place finish is believed to be the best-ever by an Australian driver in a PA 600 Speedweek event.

Mike Rutherford and Sawyer completed the top five when the race ended.

Forty-eight cars took part in the third racing program of this season's 600 Speedweek.

Heat winners included Tanner Hunsicker, Zearfoss, Dwayne Gutshall, Dicely, Kameron Morral, Brown, Greth, Jerry Schott Jr., Timmie Barrick, and Jim Radney.
Sammy Lamothe won the C-Main, while the B-Main victory went to Jimmy Glenn.

(Story by: Barry Angstadt)


7/2/12 PATH VALLEY SPEEDWAY - (Car Count: 48)

A-Main (30
1. 44-Mike Dicely (
; 2. Shane Lewis, 3. Charlie Brown, 4. Mike Rutherford, 5. Scott Sawyer, 6. Brock Zearfoss, 7. Joe B. Miller, 8. Timmie Barrick, 9. Kameron Morral, 10. Richie Hartman, 11. Kenny Brewer, 12. Tyler Devault, 13. Tyler Walker, 14. Joe Kay, 15. Jimmy Brookens, 16. Jimmy Glenn, 17. AJ Michael, 18. Jerry Schott, 19. Geoff Gill, 20. Jim Radney, 21. Dwayne Gutshall, 22. Ryan Greth, 23. Jared Esh, 24. (DQ) Tanner Hunsicker

B-main Winner: Jimmy Glenn
C-main Winner:
Sammy Lamothe

Round 1 Heat Winners: Tanner Hunsicker, Brock Zearfoss, Dwayne Gutshall, Mike Dicely, Kameron Morral
Round 2 Heat Winners: Charlie Brown, Ryan Greth, Jerry Schott, Timmie Barrick, Jim Radney

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  JULY 1, 2012

Newmanstown, PA - After the worst start imagineable on Saturday, the weekend concluded in the best way possible for Ryan Greth.

Greth, of New Cumberland, PA, suffered through a nasty flip in his first heat race in Saturday's Prelude to the Mania at Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway. The incident sidelined his Wayne Lesher owned, Hyper Racing/ NPS Racing Engines No. 1J for the remainder of Saturday night's program.

He and his team came back with a vengance on Sunday, winning both of his heat races, recording the quickest lap in the time trials that set the line-up for the Dash, winning the Dash, and then capping it off with a $10,000 victory in the 50-lap Micromania A-Main for the 600cc Micro-Sprints.

After the horrific start to the weekend, Greth authored an almost perfect conclusion on Sunday. His run to the big paycheck was not without concern, however...
"We actually made the car worse during the break," admitted Greth as he referred to the adjustments permitted during a mid-race mandatory stoppage as specified in the Micromania rules.

"The crew advised against it, but I made the call for a certain adjustment. And it almost worked against us. But I was able to make some additional adjustments inside the car during the cautions, and they helped to counteract the one we made at the break."

Winning the Dash put Greth on the pole for the Micromania A-Main. A jam-up on the initial start brought out the yellow flag and knocked Jimmy Brookens out of the race with front end damage. As a result of his misfortune, Brookens received the 600Scene.com Hard Luck Award.

After the mix-up on the original start, the yellow would fly only three more times during the 50-lap affair, and one of those caution periods was for the "halftime break", when 25 laps had been completed.

Greth jumped from the pole to lead the opening circuits over Mike Rutherford and last year's Micromania winner, Shane Lewis. The first half of the race was highlighted by an entertaining battle for the fourth position, as Brian Carber, Oklahoma's Scott Sawyer, and Mike Dicely ran three-wide at times and swapped positions for several trips around the banked oval. Carber eventually claimed the fourth spot, but would later fall out with mechanical issues.

Laps seven through 25 went clean and green, with the leaders negotiating their way in and out of heavy lapped traffic. The mandatory caution at halfway had Greth in front, with Rutherford, Lewis, Tyler Walton, and Dicely making up the top five.

Rutherford kept the second half of the race interesting, sticking his nose under Greth at both ends of the speedway on several occasions as Greth regretted the adjustment he'd insisted on at the break. The momentum he generated by running the high groove, though, allowed him to pull back in front of Rutherford each time they exited turns two and four.
The final anxious moment for Greth occurred with eleven laps remaining; he ran up on Mark Yoder and Tom Kohler, who were battling for position and racing side by side. Greth saw just enough daylight between the two cars as they blasted into the first corner, and he threaded the needle, splitting the two of them as the trio accelerated onto the backstretch.
One more restart with seven to go did not help Rutherford's effort. "I knew my only shot was to stay green and try to get him in lapped traffic. The last yellow ruined any chance I had, but Ryan ran a great race and deserved to win," noted Rutherford afterward.

Greth flew under the checkered flag, beating Rutherford to the stripe by 0.700-seconds. Walton, who became a father for the first time just a few days earlier, placed third for his best-ever finish at the Clyde.

Dicely and Lewis completed the top five, with Missouri's Joe B. Miller climbing from 13th to sixth.

Tim Buckwalter earned the Shred Racing Photos Hard Charger Award, finishing eleventh after starting 20th.

Rutherford, of Lititz, Pa., picked up a $1,000 victory in the 270cc Clash at the Clyde, a 30-lap feature highlighted by his side-by-side duel for the lead with young charger Kyle Spence.

Spence, from Bear, Delaware, won the 270cc Dash that gave him the pole for the main event. Rutherford moved into the runner-up spot on the opening lap, then stalked Spence but wasn't able to get close enough to attack the leader until a caution with seven laps complete put him on the leader's rear bumper for the restart.
From laps eight through twelve, Spence and Rutherford went side by side, with Spence on the top and Rutherford in his customary low groove. They were dead even down the straights, as neither one seemed able to gain an advantage.

Unfortunately for Spence, that scenario changed with twelve laps scored. He got a little bit loose in one and two, as the back end of his No. 25 kicked out and opened the door for Rutherford to take command.

Eighth-starting Jason Swavely and Ryan Smith, who began the race in 19th, were threading their way toward the front as Rutherford established himself as the race leader. Swavely and Smith moved past Richie Hartman on lap 17, then wrestled for the third position among themselves.

Swavely and Spence engaged in a spirited tussle for the runner-up position after a restart with eleven tours left. Swavely claimed the spot on lap 22, and Smith snatched third from Spence with six to go. One last yellow flag, with two laps left to run, did not alter the outcome as Rutherford secured his fifth 270cc Clyde Martin triumph of the season, beating Swavely to the line by slightly more than three-quarters of a second.

Smith was the recipient of the Shred Racing Photos Hard Charger Award, advancing 16 positions to finish third. Spence hung on for fourth place money, and Brayden Winters finished fifth.

A long list of sponsors made the event possible, and those businesses making valuable contributions include: Hollinger's Sports & Turf; Kioti Tractors; Hyper Racing; RTS Chassis; Shred Racing Products; Spar Racing Engines; Dayton Parts of Harrisburg; NPS Racing Engines; LHS Racing Engines; Shred Racing Photos; 600 Pro Series; Bud's Spring Service; Susquehanna Valley Speed Shop; 600Scene.com; Weld Racing; Keizer Wheels; CSI Shocks; and Saldana Racing Products. In addition, Lanco Board member Rich Fox deserves a ton of credit for coordinating the sponsorship and driver-entry efforts and organizing, along with Lanco President Tim Bortz, the entire Micromania weekend.

*There were 62 entries in the 600cc Micromania field on Sunday. The cutoff was 60 cars (and a completed program on Saturday night) in order to pay $10,000 to win and $300 to take the green.
*This was Greth's second triumph worth $10,000, with the first one coming at Hill Valley Speedway in the Super 600 Showdown in 2006.
*In addition to Greth, three drivers who finished in the top five in Sunday's A-Main have won previous editions of the 600 Showdown/Micromania events: Rutherford (2009), Dicely (2007), and Lewis (2011). But Greth is the first to repeat as the event winner and the first to score a second, $10,000 triumph. The race did not pay $10k in the years when Rutherford and Lewis were victorious.
*The Saturday and Sunday races marked the start of this year's PA 600 Speedweek series. After the weekend's main events, Mike Dicely and Shane Lewis are tied for the lead in Speedweek points.
*Lanco officials decided to pay the 40-car purse to the 270cc Clash starters, even though only 33 drivers entered the second annual 270 Clash at the Clyde. Because of that decision, Rutherford earned $1,000 for the victory, while those drivers finishing at or near the back of the pack received $170 to take the green.
*The Weld Racing Fast Lap of the Feature awards went to: Ryan Greth, for turning a lap at 11.825 seconds in the 600cc main; and Bear, Delaware's Kyle Spence, who scorched the oval with a lap at 12.176 during the 270cc Clash at the Clyde.

(Story by: Barry Angstadt)



7/1/12 LANCO SPEEDWAY - Micro Mania - (Car Count: 62)

A-Main (50
1. 1J-Ryan Greth (
; 2. 7H,Mike Rutherford; 3. 14T,Tyler Walton; 4. 44,Mike Dicely; 5. 55L,Shane Lewis; 6. 51B,Joe B. Miller; 7. 29,Scott Sawyer; 8. 48jr.,Darryl Ruggles; 9. 026,Jeff Hartman; 10. 22,Ryan Smith; 11. 25s,Tim Buckwalter; 12. 95,James Radney; 13. 70,Brock Zearfoss; 14. 27,Pat Bealer; 15. 81,Tyler Walker; 16. 75x,James Morris; 17. 75,Mark Yoder; 18. 12,Joe Kay; 19. 5,Tom Kohler; 20. 29b,Bill Thomas; 21. 71,Brian Carber; 22. 01W,Danny Wykes; 23. 2,Heath Hehnly; 24. 5e,Robbie Kendall; 25. 5x,Tyson Hall; 26. 11,Jimmy Brookens.

Dash (Finishing Order Determines Top 12 Starting Positions for A-Main): 1.Ryan Greth, 2.Mike Rutherford, 3.Tyler Walton, 4.Shane Lewis, 5.Scott Sawyer, 6.Brian Carber, 7.Jeff Hartman, 8.Mike Dicely, 9.Ryan Smith, 10.Brock Zearfoss, 11.Danny Wykes, 12.Robbie Kendall.

B-Main (Top 5 to A-Main): 1.Heath Hehnly, 2.Tyler Walker, 3.James Morris, 4.Joe Kay, 5.Mark Yoder, 6.Jimmy Glenn, 7.Charlie Brown, 8.Tom Fraschetta, 9.Sammy LaMothe, 10.Richie Hartman, 11.Lou Cicconi, 12.Jermain Godshall, 13.Tom Kohler, 14.Chris Gerhart, 15.Jeff Stelter, 16.Jared Esh, 17.Jack Conover, 18.Tyler Esh, 19.Kenny Brewer, 20.Tony DiMattia, 21.David Peterson, 22.Jeff Halligan, 23.Kevin Steele, 24.Mike Freed.

C-Main (Top 6 to B-Main): 1.Kevin Steele, 2.Tom Kohler, 3.Mike Freed, 4.Jeff Stelter, 5.Tyler Esh, 6.Chris Gerhart, 7.Brittany Brown, 8.Tyler DeVault, 9.Peter Michael, 10.Rob Vivona, 11.A.J. Michael, 12.Joe Smith, 13.Bruce Ginther, Jr., 14.Austin Ely, 15.Kyle Lick, 16.Tim Barrick, 17.Chris Panczner, 18.Shaun Brandel, 19.Jon Stewart, 20.Rick Perone. DNS: Eric Bodine; Kameron Morral; Luke Thomas; Ron Lewis.

Heat 1: 1.Tyler Walker, 2.Brian Carber, 3.Eric Bodine, 4.Jeff Stelter, 5.Tyler Walton, 6.Heath Hehnly, 7.Luke Thomas, 8.Jimmy Glenn, 9.Shaun Brandel, 10.Charlie Brown, 11.Kyle Lick, 12.Rick Perone.

Heat 2: 1.Danny Wykes, 2.Mike Rutherford, 3.Kevin Steele, 4.Joe B. Miller, 5.Austin Ely, 6.Jimmy Brookens, 7.Peter Michael, 8.David Peterson, 9.James Morris, 10.Joe Smith, 11.Bruce Ginther, Jr.

Heat 3: 1.Scott Sawyer, 2.Tyson Hall, 3.Darryl Ruggles, 4.Jermain Godshall, 5.Tyler Esh, 6.Richie Hartman, 7.Kameron Morral, 8.James Radney, 9.A.J. Michael, 10.Kenny Brewer, 11.Rob Vivona.

Heat 4: 1.Ryan Greth, 2.Tim Buckwalter, 3.Brittany Brown, 4.Lou Cicconi, 5.Bill Thomas, 6.Tyler DeVault, 7.Tony DiMattia, 8.Jon Stewart, 9.Jack Conover, 10.Chris Gerhart. DNS: Ron Lewis.

Heat 5: 1.Jared Esh, 2.Sammy LaMothe, 3.Tom Kohler, 4.Joe Kay, 5.Pat Bealer, 6.Chris Panczner, 7.Jeff Halligan, 8.Tom Fraschetta, 9.Mark Yoder, 10.Tim Barrick, 11.Mike Freed.

Heat 6: 1.Charlie Brown, 2.Tyler Walton, 3.Jimmy Glenn, 4.Heath Hehnly, 5.Brian Carber, 6.Kyle Lick, 7.Shaun Brandel, 8.Rick Perone, 9.Tyler Walker, 10.Jeff Stelter. DNS: Eric Bodine; Luke Thomas.

Heat 7: 1.James Morris, 2.Jimmy Brookens, 3.Joe B. Miller, 4.Mike Rutherford, 5.David Peterson, 6.Danny Wykes, 7.Joe Smith, 8.Bruce Ginther, Jr., 9.Austin Ely, 10.Kevin Steele, 11.Peter Michael.

Heat 8: 1.James Radney, 2.Kenny Brewer, 3.Rob Vivona, 4.Darryl Ruggles, 5.Richie Hartman, 6.Scott Sawyer, 7.Tyson Hall, 8.Jermain Godshall, 9.Tyler Esh, 10.A.J. Michael, 11.Kameron Morral.

Heat 9: 1.Ryan Greth, 2.Bill Thomas, 3.Jack Conover, 4.Chris Gerhart, 5.Tony DiMattia, 6.Lou Cicconi, 7.Tim Buckwalter, 8.Tyler DeVault, 9.Jon Stewart, 10.Brittany Brown. DNS: Ron Lewis.

Heat 10: 1.Mark Yoder, 2.Mike Freed, 3.Pat Bealer, 4.Tom Fraschetta, 5.Jeff Halligan, 6.Joe Kay, 7.Chris Panczner, 8.Sammy LaMothe, 9.Tim Barrick, 10.Tom Kohler, 11.Jared Esh.

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JUNE 30, 2012

Newmanstown, PA - The 2012 edition of PA 600 Speedweek kicked off in grand style on Saturday night at Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway...especially if your name is Brock Zearfoss.

The Jonestown, PA resident roared to victory in the 30-lap Prelude to the Mania, the 600 Speedweek opener held on the eve of Micromania, which is the biggest and most lucrative event of the six race series.

With 60 entries competing on Saturday, Zearfoss took the green flag from the inside of the second row. Polesitter Shane Lewis pulled out to a healthy lead in the early stages, but lapped traffic played a major role in the outcome of the feature race.

The first 16 laps went clean and green, meaning the leaders caught the back of the field fairly quickly. Race leader Lewis, from Honeybrook, got stuck behind a big pack of slower cars - and that pack was using every inch of the banked oval.

Sparks began to fly from the right-rear corner of Lewis' machine as his brake rotor glowed orange-hot, and Zearfoss zeroed in on him.

Lewis remained committed to the top groove, while Zearfoss drove around the bottom lane. Their side-by-side battle for the top spot took place as they bobbed and weaved in and around the backmarkers, until Zearfoss found the opening he needed to edge in front of Lewis to take command.

The pass for the lead (and, as it turned out, for the win) occurred on lap twelve. With Zearfoss now in front, the first yellow flew after the 16th lap had been scored. Two additional caution periods did not hinder Zearfoss, as he utilized terrific restarts to jump away from Lewis and maintain the lead.

Zearfoss charged to the checkered flag, winning by more than 1.5 seconds over Lewis, who had to deal with Mike Dicely's assaults over the final few circuits. Lewis held off Dicely for runner-up honors, with Dicely, Robbie Kendall, Ryan Smith, and Jeff Hartman completing the top six at the finish.

Those drivers are now locked in to Sunday's Micromania Dash and A-Main. Provided there are at least 60 entries for night number two of the 600 Speedweek series, Sunday's 50-lap Micromania A-Main will pay $10,000 to win and $300 to take the green flag.

The 270cc Clash at the Clyde is also a part of the colossal weekend of competition, and Saturday night's Flash Before the Clash saw Richie Hartman register the triumph. It was Hartman's second 270cc victory of the season at Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway, and he had to hold off four-time winner Mike Rutherford to record the win.

The top four finishers from each of the three heat races drew for starting positions in the 25-lap feature. Richie Hartman, from Temple, Pa., drew the pole and he used his good fortune to lead every one of the 25 revolutions.

With R. Hartman in front, Kyle Spence and Jeff Hartman dueled for the runner-up position. Rutherford, who rolled off the grid in tenth, was slicing his way forward; he was up to fifth by lap six, then motored into the fourth spot on the ninth trip around the clay.

After a yellow flag halted the original start, the 24-car field clicked off 16 consecutive laps under green before the second caution appeared when Rebecca LaMothe suffered mechanical problems and stopped in turn four.

On the restart, Rutherford blasted around the outside of J. Hartman for third. With six to go, he ducked under Spence to grab second. The opportunity he needed came with three laps remaining, when the yellow flew for the final time, putting Rutherford on the tail tank of the leader for the restart.

R. Hartman fought off the attack as the race went back to green, but Rutherford gave it one last shot on the final lap, diving under Hartman in turns three and four. He got a bit sideways in four, allowing Hartman to pull away and notch the win.

Chasing R. Hartman and Rutherford to the stripe were Jeff Hartman, Lee Reinhardt, and Jesse Maurer. The top four finishers are now locked into Sunday's Dash and A-Main.

*Saturday night's win was the second in a row for Zearfoss, following up Friday's victory at Linda's Speedway.
*Jeff Hartman, Flagtown, NJ, is the only driver to lock himself into both of Sunday's Dash events and A-Mains (600cc and 270cc).
*J. Hartman will not enter all of this year's PA 600 Speedweek events due to the fact he's getting married on Tuesday, July 3.
*Australia's Charlie Brown, driving a brand new Hyper assembled during the past week, appeared to have a qualifying spot locked up in the B-Main on Saturday. Mechancial gremlins, however, forced him out of the B with just a few laps left to run.
*Shred Racing Photos Hard Chargers from Saturday night: 600cc = Eric Bodine; in the 270cc Class, the Hard Charger went to Billy Logeman.
*Saturday's car count: 270cc = 29; the 600cc = 60.

(Story by: Barry Angstadt)



6/30/12 LANCO SPEEDWAY - Prelude to the Mania - (Car Count: 60)

A-Main (30
1. 70-Brock Zearfoss (
$150.00), 2. Shane Lewis, 3. Mike Dicely, 4. Robbie Kendall, 5. Ryan Smith, 6. Jeff Hartman, 7. Joe B. Miller, 8. Jared Esh, 9. Danny Wykes, 10. Austin Ely, 11. Richie Hartman, 12. Eric Bodine, 13. Tyler Esh, 14. James Morris, 15. Jeff Halligan, 16. Peter Michael, 17. Joe Smith, 18. Tyler Walton, 19. Jeff Stelter, 20. Brian Carber, 21. Tyler DeVault, 22 .Kyle Lick, 23. Mike Rutherford, 24. Jimmy Brookens.
Lap Leaders- Shane Lewis (1-11); Brock Zearfoss (12-30).

B-Main 1. Kyle Lick, 2. Eric Bodine, 3. Jeff Halligan, 4. Mike Rutherford, 5. Bill Thomas, 6. Aj Michael, 7. Scott Sawyer, 8. Kameron Morral, 9. Tyler Walker, 10. Joe Kay, 11. Kevin Steele, 12. Mark Yoder, 13. Rick Perone, 14. Brittany Brown, 15. Charlie Brown, 16. Heath Hehnly, 17. Tyson Hall, 18. Sam Lamother,19. Darryl Ruggles, 20. Tom Kohler, 21. Tim Barrick, 22. Tony Dimmatia, 23. Tom Fraschetta

C-Main 1. Sam Lamothe, 2. Joe Kay, 3. Heath Hehnly, 4. Jimmy Glenn, 5. Tom Freschetta, 6. Tyler Walker, 7. Kenny Brewer, 8. Jon Stewart, 9. Shaun Brandel, 10. Bruce Ginther, 11. Jack Conover - DNS: 12. Luke Thomas, 13. Greg Stevens, 14. Mike Freed, 15. Chris Gerhart, 16. Ron Lewis, 17. Jim Radney, 18. Ryan Greth, 19. Chad Vanhorn, 20. Geoff Gill, 21. Pat Bealer, 22. Shawn McElroy

Heat 1 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Tyler Esh, 2. Brock Zearfoss, 3. Bill Thomas, 4. Mark Yoder, 5. Kameron Morral, 6. Kevin Steele, 7. Richie Hartman, 8. Jimmy Glenn, 9. Ron Lewis, 10. Geoff Gill
Heat 2 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Shane Lewis, 2. Ryan Smith, 3. Jimmy Brookens, 4. Joe Smith, 5. Tony Dimattia, 6. Mike Rutherford, 7. Chad Vanhorn, 8. Mike Freed, 9. Kenny Brewer, 10. Joe Kay
Heat 3 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Jeff Hartman, 2. Brian Carber, 3. Robbie Kendall, 4. Tom Kohler, 5. Shaun Brandel, 6. Jim Radney, 7. Peter Michael, 8. Jon Stewart, 9. Chris Gerhart, 10. Tom Fraschetta
Heat 4 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Jared Esh, 2. Kyle Lick, 3. James Morris, 4. Danny Wykes, 5. Austin Ely, 6. Charlie Borwn, 7. Greg Stevens, 8. Sam Lamothe, 9. Tyler Walker, 10. Jack Conover
Heat 5 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Scott Sawyer, 2. Tyler Walton, 3. Brittany Brown, 4. Jeff Halligan, 5. Eric Bodine, 6. Jeff Stelter, 7. Luke Thomas, 8. AJ Michael, 9. Bruce Ginther, 10. Pat Bealer
Heat 6 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Mike Dicely, 2. Joe B Miller, 3. Timmie Barrick, 4. Tyler Devualt, 5. Tyson Hall, 6. Rick Perone, 7. Ryan Greth, 8. Darryl Ruggles, 9. Heath Hehnly, 10. Shawn McElroy

Heat 7 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Richie Hartman, 2. Brock Zearfoss, 3. Kevin Steele, 4. Tyler Esh, 5. Mark Yoder, 6. Kameron Morral, 7. Bill Thomas, 8. Jimmy Glenn, 9. Ron Lewis, 10. Geoff Gill
Heat 8 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Shane Lewis, 2. Joe Kay, 3. Ryan Smith, 4. Jimmy Brookens, 5. Joe Smith, 6. Mike Rutherford, 7. Tony Dimattia, 8. Kenny Brewer, 9. Mike Freed, 10. Chad Vanhorn
Heat 9 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Peter Michael, 2. Robbie Kendall, 3. Brian Carber, 4. Tom Frachetta, 5. Jeff Hartman, 6. Tom Kohler, 7. Jon Stewart, 8. Chris Gerhart, 9. Shaun Brandel, 10. Jim Radney
Heat 10 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Austin Ely, 2. James Morris, 3. Jared Esh, 4. Danny Wykes, 5. Charlie Brown, 6. Tyler Walker, 7. Sam Lamothe, 8. Kyle Lick, 9. Greg Stevens, 10. Jack Conover
Heat 11 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Aj Michael, 2. Jeff Stelter, 3. Tyler Walton, 4. Eric Bodine, 5. Jeff Halligan, 6. Bruce Ginther, 7. Brittany Brown, 8. Luke Thomas, 9. Scott Sawyer, 10. Pat Bealer
Heat 12 (10 Laps/Passing Points) 1. Tyler DeVault, 2. Darryl Ruggles, 3. Mike Dicely, 4. Joe B Miller, 5. Rick Perone, 6. Tyson Hall, 7. Tim Barrick, 8. Ryan Greth, 9. Heath Hehnly, 10. Shawn McElroy

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